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Reusable Game Package


Eco-friendly game packaging has been developed utilizing sustainable materials and eliminating unnecessary components. The popularity of board games is on the rise, with the global market valued at $7.2 billion and projected to reach $12 billion by 2023. To provide enjoyment, board games require engaging themes, diverse choices, and fair opportunities. Participation in board games promotes social bonding, strengthens interpersonal connections, and improves analytical thinking abilities.

YUTNORI, a timeless board game with roots in Korea, provides an immersive gaming adventure where participants guide their team's horses across the board using wooden sticks' throws. Despite its straightforward mechanics, this captivating game holds significance for cognitive growth, notably in boosting Intelligence Quotient (IQ). It requires a mix of chance, strategic planning, and collaboration from all players. Originating in the Three Kingdoms era, YUTNORI remains a beloved custom, enjoyed by families during Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving).

As international interest in Korean culture expands, efforts have been made to adapt traditional products to cater to a global audience. However, this adaptation often leads to designs that stray from authentic Korean cultural roots. With a redesigned version, this traditional board game maintains its cultural essence while offering easily comprehensible instructions, thus becoming more accessible to a wider audience.

The design will feature traditional line works and patterns inspired by Korean hanok architecture. The colors will be drawn from the hues historically used in hanok design but adjusted slightly towards pastel tones for a more contemporary color palette.

To develop a board game with reusable packaging, the conventional box package and paper board will be replaced with fabric material, allowing for easy washing and reusability as a bojagi. Bojagi holds great cultural significance in traditional Korean practices, serving multiple functions including wrapping, transporting, and storing items, as well as being integral to religious ceremonies and weddings.


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