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Graphic design is seldom a solitary pursuit. Instead, it typically involves collaboration among multiple designers, clients, and considerations of diverse audiences. Collaboration entails a continual negotiation of various voices merging into a unified whole. This collaborative process aids in comprehending and accommodating multiple perspectives. Consequently, a cohesive visual response to a theme like "Escapism" emerges.


This project underscores proficiency in HTML and CSS coding. It portrays the concept of Escapism by drawing from personal experiences of seeking refuge from reality. Initially, the collage images depict a current reality as a college student distanced from family and friends, amidst unfamiliar surroundings. Subsequent distorted images illustrate coping mechanisms for escaping reality. Despite efforts to confront challenges, complexity persists, leading to reliance on comforting habits like binge eating and avoidance. As the images progress, they become increasingly abstract, reflecting uncertainty and confusion about the true sought-after element—whether it's happiness, security, or something else entirely.

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