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Branding Through Music 

Dear My Blue

What does color symbolize? What emotions does a color evoke in viewers? How do colors correspond with sounds? What rhythm and themes do they convey? This project explores the connection between music and color, with a specific focus on the branding of the song "Dear My Blue" by Yerin Baek.

This Picnic Basket Album contains:

1 Picnic blanket, 5 postcards, 5 postcard stickers, 5 stickers, 1 lyric booklet, 1 CD, 3 Resin Heart Keychains

"Dear My Blue" appears as track three on Yerin Baek's 2019 album "Our Love is Great." This particular song exudes a tranquil and soothing ambiance, as if the artist is softly murmuring heartfelt words to her beloved. It evokes imagery of a serene spring afternoon, where a couple reclines on a picnic blanket, immersed in tender exchanges of affection. The album as a whole is crafted with the intention of resonating deeply with listeners, blending feelings of euphoric delight with genuine and unadulterated love.

Color Palette: Pastel colors that are toned down.

Lyric Booklet


Postcard Stickers