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Be The Change (Symbol of Security)

Be Aware: Spy Cam

Symbols possess immense power to inspire social change, as individuals advocate for awareness by employing iconic representations to address the most pressing issues of our era. Public showcases of these symbols harness the potency of socially-conscious artworks, connecting with people in their everyday surroundings. This project centers on enhancing security through observation, visual analysis, and site assessment to protect the community and educate individuals by creating symbols for public spaces.

How much longer should we remain apprehensive about the presence of hidden cameras?

South Korea has emerged as a nation facing significant challenges related to spy cams, particularly hidden cameras, predominantly aimed at women. These minuscule devices are surreptitiously placed in various public spaces including restrooms, hotels, fitting rooms, and classrooms. This pervasive infringement of privacy has deeply traumatized women throughout the country. Regrettably, those who have fallen victim to these egregious sex crimes struggle to attain justice. Consequently, many women now experience fear and trauma, hesitating to use public restrooms and remaining vigilant for hidden cameras whenever they do enter such spaces. The omnipresence of these devices exacerbates their distress.

The United States is witnessing a rise in the prevalence of hidden cameras, with more individuals engaging in illicit activities. Unbeknownst to many, numerous illegal websites have emerged, specializing in sexual harassment and the dissemination of illegal sexual videos. Gradually, the issue of hidden cameras has come to public attention.

  • A staggering 60% of Americans have expressed concern about the presence of hidden cameras in Airbnb accommodations. Additionally, 11% of vacation home renters reported discovering hidden cameras during their stays.

  • The proliferation of hidden spy cameras can be attributed to their increased accessibility and affordability. Consequently, there has been a surge in reports of hidden camera incidents.

  • The demand for such content continues to escalate, fueled by the perception that illegal sexual sites are not taken seriously by many individuals.

Regrettably, many Americans remain unaware of the gravity of this issue and continue to frequent public yet private spaces such as hotels, Airbnb accommodations, and restrooms. Through dedicated research and projects, there's an opportunity to shed light on what remains hidden beneath the surface of news that isn't frequently discussed. Moreover, efforts can be made to empower females to safeguard themselves against the peril of illegal filming.


Gradually, an increasing number of individuals are beginning to address this issue through platforms such as TikTok and other social media channels. It's imperative for society to raise awareness about this issue so that the community can unite in fostering vigilance. Protecting privacy is crucial for everyone's well-being.

Ultimate Poster series x Video Production

This poster series stands out due to its unique focus on both placement and design. By combining photography with the logo poster, it captivates people's attention through the use of colors and imagery that evoke a simple yet eerie atmosphere. The photography is strategically positioned next to the logo poster, allowing it to be easily folded and placed on the corners of walls and buildings. This intentional placement underscores the pervasive nature of hidden cameras, emphasizing how they lurk even in the corners of our surroundings.


Moreover, the logo poster incorporates an AR filter that showcases a GIF video highlighting the issue of hidden cameras and their presence in public yet private spaces. Additionally, the poster features a QR code that directly links viewers to the video, providing them with immediate access to relevant information.

Another Photography x Poster Sample

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