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Design with E(Motion)

California is Corrupted

The project involves producing an animated video featuring sounds and movements designed to engage, motivate, and educate viewers. The focal point of this animation is the Erewhon $17 Smoothie, a beverage comprised of fruits such as strawberries and bananas blended with nutritious components. This smoothie gained widespread popularity after being endorsed by celebrity Hailey Bieber in a recent video. Exclusively available at the Erewhon grocery market in Beverly Hills, the smoothie primarily targets affluent residents. However, following its viral status on social media, even individuals who typically wouldn't afford a $17 smoothie have started consuming it in large quantities. For someone earning minimum wage, purchasing a single smoothie entails sacrificing an hour's worth of pay.

The short animation aims to highlight the exorbitant pricing prevalent in California, particularly targeting viewers residing outside Beverly Hills. The artist's objective is to prompt a discussion about California's emphasis on aesthetics as a central value. The animation underscores the willingness of individuals to sacrifice an hour's worth of labor merely to purchase a single smoothie.

background car_edited.jpg

The initial key frame accentuates California's aesthetic by selecting subdued pastel hues such as teal and pink, underscoring the state's fixation on its public appearance.

1st Key Frame

In the second frame, attention is drawn to the car's design, particularly the noticeable cracks in its windows. This detail serves to highlight California's tendency to idealize its affluent cities, juxtaposed with the stark reality of internal fractures. It prompts viewers to recognize the high poverty rate within the state, challenging the perception of California as solely the "Golden State" when, in fact, it doesn't reflect the reality for many residents.

2nd Key Frame

Second Scene.png
Smoothie Blend.png

3rd Key Frame

In the third frame, attention is drawn to the ingredients highlighted in the Erewhon Smoothie, purportedly touted for promoting smooth skin. However, it becomes apparent that these ingredients can be purchased at a lower cost and in larger quantities elsewhere. Thus, it appears more practical to blend these ingredients at home rather than spending $17 on a 16 oz cup of smoothie, equating to over one dollar per ounce.

4th Key Frame

In the fourth frame, the emphasis is placed on the value the smoothie places on appearance, striving to be visually appealing to align with California's aesthetic.

Blue Aesthetic Smoothie.png

In the fifth frame, the price of the smoothie is unveiled, and to underscore its exorbitant cost, I meticulously orchestrated the sounds to evoke the specific emotions and sensations I aimed for the audience to experience while watching the video.

5th Keyframe

In the final moment, I convey my perspective on the current trend, asserting that people could allocate their money more efficiently rather than spending their hourly earnings on just one smoothie.

6th Key frame

text 2.png

Public Interaction

The video will be showcased in urban locales like subway stations to draw the attention of visitors and travelers to the present scenario.

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