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Notions of Security

We Care:
Know Your Worth

How can design contribute to addressing an issue related to human security? To address this query, I collaborated with the Center for Complexity to delve into the topic of "Notions of Security." Security encompasses a wide spectrum, ranging from its influence on our personal spaces and daily routines to its impact on environmental, economic, political, cyber, and health aspects, affecting both local communities and global society at large. By delving into the intricacies of security, I engaged in a design challenge that enabled me to navigate complex issues and, through the process of design and creation, effectively convey self-driven solutions. I will dissect the various facets of "Notions of Security" to shed light on my critical perspective regarding human security.

Through the Organization of the Notions, it becomes apparent that security is intricately tied to personal well-being. Personal security is deeply affected by an individual's comfort zone, which, in turn, is rooted in their sense of self and distinctive characteristics. These attributes are shaped by personal experiences and resources, leading to a diverse range of comfort preferences related to the five senses: touch, hearing, sight, smell, and taste.

A project titled "We Care: Know Your Worth" has been initiated, aiming to provide care packages available at major retail stores for students of all ages. These packages serve as conversation starters within families about personal security, assisting children in recognizing their comfort zones and empowering them with mental and physical control. The objective is to facilitate open and enjoyable discussions between students and parents on these vital topics.


Health education plays a crucial role in a student's curriculum, equipping them with essential knowledge and skills for physical and mental well-being. Despite covering topics such as nutrition and interpersonal relationships, it's troubling that mental health education is often neglected in some public schools, leaving students without psychological security. This oversight may result in childhood trauma and hinder future development. To address this gap, an educational tool has been developed to facilitate discussions about psychological security. While not a comprehensive solution, this resource can complement existing health education programs, encouraging dialogues among students. By promoting self-reflection and redefining security through their senses, this tool fosters a deeper understanding of internal well-being, both in classrooms and as a take-home activity.

The care package Contains




- Visual interactive package (Preadolescents and adolescents)

- Question booklets (preadolescents and adolescents)


- Qr code sound playlist (adolescents)


- Stickers (preadolescents)

- soft blanket (preadolescents and adolescents)

- Key chain (preadolescents and adolescents)


- Tea bags (adolescents)


- Pleasant refreshing scent (preadolescents and adolescents)


- Elza Medium & Bold

- Asphalt Black 

Color Palette

Preadolescents Care Package

Adolescents Care Package

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