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The Interview

Founder of ilovecreatives

What defines a 'graphic design practice' and what are the existing models for it? How can designers employ text and image to construct an engaging narrative, and utilize typography and form to mirror its tone and content?


A design practice encompasses a designer's professional context, working methods, visual language, areas of focus, principles, and identity. This practice provided an opportunity to investigate a designer's real-world experience, contributing to the development of my own. This exploration involved conducting and editing an interview, subsequently presented in a printed publication. Through this interview and its design, text and images were woven together to create a captivating narrative, enhanced by a visual style that mirrors its essence and mood.

Puno, the founder and executive creative director of ilovecreatives studio, along with her involvement in education, stood out as one of the designers I deeply admired. Her studio and lifestyle vividly reflected her personality; the designs produced by her studio embodied a sense of comfort, playfulness, and yet carried a significant impact that captured attention. This opportunity allowed me to engage with her, gaining insights into her life as a designer and her approach to design practice. Exploring the professional realm of design and receiving advice to guide my ongoing career journey was particularly intriguing.

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