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Collections Made Public

The Loop

A collection resembles a window, bringing together items based on a specific rationale and presenting a perspective. Public collections encourage viewers to interact with the viewpoints, narratives, voices, and ideas that surface within them. The act of curating a collection forms a fresh context, establishing values and shaping significance. It entails structuring and arranging with purpose and coherence.

The narrative begins with a personal bracelet carrying a cherished memory, thereby linking the story to the design and materials employed in crafting this accessory.

Systematically, the spatial, emotional, and thematic elements conveyed by the bracelet were categorized, resulting in a deep understanding of its continuous circular form. This shape embodies diverse ideologies such as the flow of life, emotion, economics, culture, and trends. This comprehension ultimately led to the realization of the ubiquitous presence of time, symbolizing the interconnection of all elements. Essentially, the bracelet embodies the harmonious fusion of individuals shaping a society that sustains itself.


The human-sized board game, measuring 80" x 80", offers an interactive platform to explore how five significant aspects of life contribute to crucial connections.

The artwork functions as an educational activity suitable for families, requiring the active involvement of five participants directly on the game board. Players commence their journey from the central clock and proceed clockwise along the outer perimeter, ultimately circling back to their starting point and reaching the center. Throughout the course, players encounter colored squares presenting questions related to five themes: Life, Economics, Trends, Culture, and Emotion. These queries span from personal anecdotes to factual inquiries, enriching both learning and engagement.

3D Modeling Box

Individual boxes were crafted for each of the five topics, matching the color scheme of the logo featured on the cards. These boxes were meticulously designed using Blender.

Public Interaction

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